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Flying Buttresses. We no has them. | May 7, 2009

We didn’t get as much dramatic progress done today, as we are starting to get down to the detail stuff which not only takes longer, it doesn’t show as strikingly. Anyway, we got the ends of the rafters cut to the right length, and started framing in the flying rafters. We got the flyers notched and nailed in, so tomorrow we can get the final rafters done. I haven’t started working on the back flying rafters, but it should take a lot less time. Working on the front I have to balance on the top plate while holding the saw in one hand, pencil in the other, and tape measure in the final hand. For the back I have a lovely loft to stand on. Hyatt also continued framing in the gable end windows, which are starting to take shape.


Can you tell a storm front was coming through? We also got  some more materials. A guy dropped by the build site today with a window in the back of his Suburban and asked if we needed it. I told him thanks, but no. He asked if there was anything else, and I said other than plywood all we need is an interior door. He drove off and within 5 minutes he was back with a door. It was even the perfect dimensions for the openings I’d already built…24 inches. Now that’s service! I forgot to take a picture of the door, but it’s pretty standard. Hollow-core birch. But it looks nice and has a doorknob. I might add some trim to the face of it to add some visual interest. I’ll get a picture tomorrow.


We also got some flashing and about 10 tubes of liquid nails. Thanks for that, Chuck!



Last night’s scavenging also found this bench bottom. It’s in good shape, despite the fact that it is only about 45% of an intended bench. Or less, I’m a little rusty on my bench component ratios. I’ll probably turn it into a shelve or something. Then again I always say that about everything. Gonna end up storing shelves on my shelves. And then, well… I don’t even wanna think about what’s next.


Electrical work continues, as does the steady progression of time. Without further ado, bye. -Ted


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