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Hot water heater? If it’s already hot, why are we heating it? | May 12, 2009

So… Our project took a bit of  a turn today. We decided to build another house. Smaller this time, though. About 4 square feet. You see, luckily, we got a hot water heater. Unluckily, it’s a 20 gallon one. Big water heater, small house. So.. well, we’re building a water heater shed that will go next to the back of the house. Water heaters are scary anyway, so if it blows up, atleast you won’t be sleeping in the loft above.

This look familier?

And besides, if it leaks or something, it won’t hurt the house. Seemed like the best over-all solution.


So here is the beginning of the shed taking place. Havard’s working on it there. It’ll have a gable roof and shingles and everything to match the big(remember, we’re talking relativity here) house.


Here’s the water heater.



Is that like a controlled substance?

Anyway… that was the first photo of Havard on this blog. And Hyatt seems to be in every photo I could possibly ever take. But I’ve yet to post a photo of myself. So here you go. Maybe Charlie will get some spotlight tomorrow.


Yeah yeah, I know nobody asked for a photo of me. But this is my blog. So there. In other news, we continued working on plywood. I’m trying to use scraps as much as possible to save the full pieces for the roof. It’s starting to feel like a real house now. All enclosed and whatnot.




And yes, I have no qualms blatantly switching back and forth between plywood, chip board, and T-111. It covers the walls. And is free. I like that about such materials.


I’m not sure if we’re still going forward with the pallet idea for siding. It’s a lot more work than I thought to get pallets apart without breaking them. So we might just try and get cedar shakes. I have a couple bundles already, and know where I can get a couple more. Maybe we’ll get lucky. We have been so far!

That’s all I have for today. And now, the time is near, and so I face, the final curtain. Actually, we’re nowhere near doing finish interior work like curtains. But in good time brave stallion! Peace. -Ted



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  1. You N.C. boys sure are cute!

    Comment by Elizabeth Goertz — May 12, 2009 @ 12:28 pm

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This blog is dedicated to an experiment a group of three other fellow students and I are doing at our school in Buxton, NC. My Drafting III class and I set out to see if we could build a house for free. It's small, but functional. All the materials come out of dumpsters. And most of all, it's working.







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