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Of mice and men. | May 13, 2009

You see? I bet you expected me to launch into some story involving a mouse.  But I’m not. There’s no mouse.  It was a decoy, a decoy! So there. That makes me feel mildly empowered.

Plywood? Oh yeah, we got plywood. We even put some of it up. We’re pretty much done other than the roof. The house is so much more solid now that we have plywood. It’s almost like it ties it together or something. Go figure. Those 12/12 gables continue to pay off.  The other gable end got taken care of with two pieces, both of which were already cut.  I like this.


There is a window there, I just haven’t cut it out yet as I seem to have a propensity for breaking jig saw blades. Oh well.

Now… I haven’t announced this yet, but this house has a name. It’s Walter. Havard named it Walter. And I have no idea why. But it’s Walter. And Walter is a hedgehog. Go figure. We reserve the right to be abstract. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to Clarence. Anyway… The house has a name, so shouldn’t the adjoining hot water heater shed? It’s Ethyl. Havard named Ethyl too. I’m starting to worry about that guy. Anyway,  Ethyl has made progress. The front hinges for access, as does the roof so as to provide storage on a little shelf we’ll build in there.


The hindages in action…


Next? Well, why not talk about the kitchen ceiling? Seems logical.  We found a nice piece of cedar chip board… the type they use to deter bugs from munchin’ in closets. Couple coats of polyurethane and it’ll look nice.


Plumbing? Yeah, we can go ahead and talk about that too. Hyatt’s spotless reputation of making spud guns has fully qualified him to work on the plumbing, so he’s been getting that out of the way. The thing is, we have a ton of fittings. Junctions, elbows, and tee’s. However, we don’t have any half inch tee’s. So, well, with enough step downs… we can make this work. 1″ to 3/4″  to 1/2″… That works. We still need to find some faucets for the shower and make a mixing elbow, but it’ll happen.  Hyatt, he do good work. And he doesn’t mind climbing in the mud under the house, which is more than I can say about myself. So… progress. Nice.



Let’s see what else I have. I assume a free house has to include free furniture. I don’t know. I haven’t read the by-laws. My attorneys will get back to me on that. Either way, I found a nice chair at the dump. Small, and it didn’t even need to be refinished. From the bottom of a dumpster. Cool. I decided to sit on the safe side and re-glue the dove joints and dowels, and I’ll go ahead and re-upholster it, but it looks nice. I’m actually going to re-do it in the same fabric that my prom outfit is being made out of(Thanks Carol!), so it’ll have some charm and, gulp, historical significance. I’ll post some more pics of that when I’m done.


The old fabric… not bad, but a little dingy.


DRAMATIC CHAIR RAIL SHOT! Yet not a chair rail. Weird.


The only other thing we’ve done is taken some of the left over(read: the only two we’ll ever find again) 2×6’s and made some ceiling joists. Not really needed, but they add visual interest and some structural integrity. We might add some storage on top too. Not sure.


So… In as valiant a flash as Randy Jackson running in a Captain Kangaroo jacket, goodnight! Peace. -Ted



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  1. Hey Ted, just wanted to say that I’ve got you in my RSS feed and I’ve been loving the updates. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Kirk — May 13, 2009 @ 12:23 am

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This blog is dedicated to an experiment a group of three other fellow students and I are doing at our school in Buxton, NC. My Drafting III class and I set out to see if we could build a house for free. It's small, but functional. All the materials come out of dumpsters. And most of all, it's working.







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