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So brain, what are we gonna do today? | May 20, 2009

Try and build a roof.  We actually did it. Fun.

And by fun, I mean whatever the opposite of the word fun is. Let’s try some out now.
Unpleasant? Tedious? Unenjoyable? Gut wrenching? NOT fun?

Either way, it happened for the most part. That roof is just very. Very. Very steep.  But we got it mostly up there. Looks nice. Not sure how exactly we’re going to shingle it… I guess just a toe-hold board. Awesome. Need I go through the previous list again? No? You’re good? Okay.



So we got all of one side one, and that little piece of the other side. So 5/8 done! That should be done by this evening, then the joy of tar-papering and shingling. Wasn’t that the name of Bob Ross’s show? That one side of the roof was done with only a reasonable, leak-resistant, and very un-scrap like 4 pieces of plywood.

Anyway, Hyatt continued cedar shaking like the happy marmot he is.(No Germans, not a squirrel… much bigger, no tail) He got the back wall almost done and made the executive decision that the gable ends are going to be a different type of siding. Which I think will look odd, but angles and shakes don’t really get along, so time wise I understand. But either way, that’s looking good. Despite us being almost out of shingles after one wall. Luckily all the other walls have lots of windows and doors.


Only the top row left there. Now. One might ask. Ask they might, something like, “Now Ted, why didn’t you post on Monday?” To which I’d say, “Now Friends, It was raining. And I KNOW you ain’t be expectin’ me to be out there in some torrential downpour.” So yeah. That’s pretty much how the discussion would break down. But either way, we were at least productive. We cleaned. And BTW, in case you were wondering… if you take a dust vacuum they use for venting tools, and then duct-tape a rudimentary hose onto it, it STILL doesn’t make a good vacuum. Oh well.



"Ebony and Imitation Silver" Not as catchy.

"Ebony and Imitation Silver" Not as catchy.

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  1. Coming together and looking good!

    Comment by Em — May 20, 2009 @ 1:28 pm

  2. Hi Ted,
    Thanks for visiting my sadly neglected little blog. I’m going to start gathering materials for a tiny house, now if I can just convince my friend that this will look great on her property.
    Keep up the inspiration!

    Comment by Judy — May 20, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

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This blog is dedicated to an experiment a group of three other fellow students and I are doing at our school in Buxton, NC. My Drafting III class and I set out to see if we could build a house for free. It's small, but functional. All the materials come out of dumpsters. And most of all, it's working.







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