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Cleanse your pallet(s) | May 21, 2009

Building Log, Twenty First Day Of May, Year of Two Thousand Plus Nine, At Approximately Fourteen Hundred and Forty Nine Hours. A good day.

Today, we did some stuff. Havard and I worked on tar-papering. Slap staplers are a good thing. We got the back gable done, and then installed the window. We had to trim the frame a bit, but it fits nice and snug.


The window is more heavily counter-weighted than one would think, yet it’s mounted sideways. So it’s a little tricky to open, but it’s alright. Now the loft is bright AND dry. Novel stuff. If you’re really observant, you’ll notice the siding in the gable ends. That was Hyatt’s handy work. He notched the pallet boards to create some bead-and-batton.  Hate to give him credit, but it actually looks really nice. Most of the time I have seen contrasting siding in gable ends it has been clap-board or bead and batton on the main wall and shakes in the gable ends. This is backwards, but it actually looked pretty slick. Better than I thought it would.




Sorry it’s not a very good photo. Lot’s of glare… I’ll try and get a better one tomorrow.The only reason we haven’t finished plywooding that one side is we don’t have a faucet for the shower and therefore can’t close it in. We have enough plywood… we’re just a bit delayed on that. The other side, and also the roof, is now completely covered, and partially tar-papered.


The only other thing we worked on today was the ladder. I couldn’t find any dowels, but I did find some bamboo, so I used that. I think bamboo is actually stronger. We’ll see. It’s a bit more rustic than I wanted it to look, but maybe after some sanding, staining, and trim it’ll look better.



I’ll cut the ends of the bamboo off once the glue dries and put a cap on the side.

Speaking of ladders, this one was remarkable well balanced.


Well, until whenever I feel like posting again, bye. It could be tomorrow afternoon, or even… gasp… tomorrow evening.-Ted


Oh, and one last thing. Yesterday, Hyatt’s dad brought us donuts, seems to be a weekly occurrence, which is awfully nice of them … so I wanted to thank them for that. Thanks Scott and Carol!

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  1. Its looking good. you guys are great!

    Comment by Elizabeth Goertz — May 22, 2009 @ 12:44 pm

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