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Late summer cleaning, not nearly as popular. | August 9, 2009

So, no work on the house per se, but we are nearing a point when this thing needs to be moved. We’re still tossing around ideas, which mostly involve tossing around the house, but we seem to have tons of means to no ends. Hopefully we’ll get somewhere soon. But either way, the place needed to be cleaned up, as our “clean up later” philosophy kind of caught up with the poor house. 96 square feet gets small quickly when cluttered.


Toyota trucks, the understated underworkings of the entire earth. That’s a weird photo though… the door of the truck is just open, it’s not one of the rare Toyota’s with the “Ford Anglia Cab” option. But either way, this is essentially the first time we’ve taken materials TO the dump. Trust me, by the time we’re done with materials, they’re either so rotten, warped, or small that nothing short of termites could make a home out of them. So what looks like waste isn’t. Obviously I still haven’t made progress finishing that wall, but I have all the needed shakes. I’ll just do it when I get the house moved and have more time.


Notice the lack of stuff piled up next to the house. Nifty, aye?


The cleaned up interior. We’ve been getting some really heavy rain here lately, but the inside of the house seemed nice and dry; even the carpet upstairs. So apparently it’s pretty well sealed. I was pleased. The water damage on the floor was already part of the plywood when we installed it. Oh the joys of free materials.  Here’s a random panoramic showing the bathroom and kitchen.


Well, it’ll be tiled and walled and finished and whatnot in due time. I think the plan is to put it up 5 or so feet on pilings and build a small deck around it. We get some pretty bad flooding here, so height is never a bad thing. Our main house is about six and and half feet up.


Now, on to the fake wood. Originally, I had intended to do a vertical wainscoting in the bathroom with this stuff. However, it’s heavy, and doesn’t cut very well. We have a friend, Curtis, who wanted to use it for an outside shower, so we gave it all to him. After all, it got the school grounds cleaned up. And more importantly, it was an excuse to drive Curtis’s truck. Now, no offense to Curtis, but some vehicles are so bad that they’re amusing.


There it is in all it’s glory, sporting a rather conspicuous Toyota Landcruiser grill. This lovely toyota Nissan has all of about 50 foot pounds of torque, broken power steering, and a vacuum leak somewhere with the brakes. Now this last part makes it really interesting, as if you apply to much pressure to the brake, it stalls. So you have to modulate, plan, and heel-toe for all the wrong reasons. Besides, the syncros have this really awesome whine to them that make it sound like an original Mini with a rod-link transmission. Driving this truck feels like an accomplishment. A sense of occasion. It’s spectacular.

Speaking of japanese trucks with forged identities, this was posted over at Kent Griswold’s awesome site


It’s owned by Lyle Congdon, and was mentioned in conjunction with the tiny house she built. I didn’t ask her for permission to use that photo, so I hope she doesn’t mind. There wasn’t much info on the other site about it, but from what I can tell it looks to be a ’90 or ’91 Toyota with a ’44 Dodge grill and bed on it. Awesome!

Any way… this is straying farther and farther from the point, so I better put this thing to bed. And I’m out of coffee, so it’s kind of  double whammy. Oh well.

Oh wait… I knew I forgot something. More promotion. The Coastland Times,  local newspaper extrordinaire, was kind enough to print the article that Sharon Sullivan wrote for us. That was pretty cool to see. So I’d like to thank everybody involved with that. It’s the same article as was posted on the school site, so don’t worry about trying to quint and read it in my amazingly high quality “scan.”


Okay. Umm… until next time, this has been an UBU production.

Sit, Ubu, sit.

Good dog.


Okay… not really. I wrote it. Peace. -Ted

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