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Pile, on.

March 6, 2010
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Yesterday in the wonderful cold and wind I got the pilings on. I was only in town for one day, and came specifically to do this, so I didn’t get anything else done. But some progress is better than none, aye?

It’s always interesting securing buildings on the island, as it’s all sand and after digging three feet you hit water. The correct way to do pilings is the dig a hole, stick a long piling in, and then put a garden hose into it. The water creates suction and it sucks the piling down. A lot. Quickly. It’s pretty cool to watch, actually. You’d then of course cut and notch the piling to length. However, because we had to put pilings under an existing structure, we couldn’t use this method. We just dug each corner till we hit water, measured, slid it up under, got it level, concreted, filled with dirt, and bolted.

As it stands the house is still resting on concrete blocks; we decided to give the concrete a week to set before removing them. Kudos to the guy who moved the house for us, as he got it pretty level. We had to jack up one corner about an inch, but that was it. That being said, now that the house is well and truly level, the door opens a lot better.

Last night my parents and I went up to the loft and talked for about an hour. Even with no insulation the house is pretty warm. It was really nice.

My dad is a professor at Wofford, and last week a speaker came and talked about efficient and sustainable ways to help the poor in third world countries. They build houses, but they’re actually pretty large. And to me, its about helping the most with the least. I’m going to contact her at some point and discuss this house. Even if it wasn’t built for free it would be cheap. And with the loft I could easily see a mother and 2-3 children being able to live in it comfortably. I’ll let y’all know any progress with that.

Alright; that’s all I have to report at the moment. For an ending quote I’m going to go with what has been Hyatt’s email signature for a while now.

“Extremism is evil, kids. Whether it comes from the left or right, Christian or Islam, extremism will be our undoing.”

Don’t even view it politically; get philisophical. Peace. -Ted

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This blog is dedicated to an experiment a group of three other fellow students and I are doing at our school in Buxton, NC. My Drafting III class and I set out to see if we could build a house for free. It's small, but functional. All the materials come out of dumpsters. And most of all, it's working.