The Scrap House

If it’s on the floor, then it’s flooring. | June 23, 2010

Alright… progress continues despite it being 187 degrees Kevlin outside. Dad finished up the wiring and did some further trickery. All the lights now work.

Over the door:

Bathroom Sconce:

Now, we’d already installed the ceiling in the kitchen. While we’d run a wire down we hadn’t actually left anything to mount a light to. So I had to take the ceiling down, install a box, and then put it back up.

We then tacked the ceiling back up, cut the whole, wired and installed the light, and then called it a day.

Now… the trickery. The house is just in our front yard, so it doesn’t really need to be wired like a normal house. Rather than digging a trench and running a hard line, for the time being we just wanted it wiring to an extension cord. Thus, dad wired it into a plug and installed a weatherproof box we had laying around. That way you can pull the plug out, plug it into an extension cord, and then tuck it back into the box. Quite handy really, and basically how a motorhome is done.

Now, flooring. We have tile and were going to use it. However, there were two problems with it. First, this house might be moved again at some point and thus we were worried about tile flexing and cracking. Second, where’s the creativity in tile?!

Ahh… table saw; what can’t you do?

We had a bunch of scrap 2×4’s from a shelf we’d taken apart. We cut them into strips, and then glued and nailed them down.

Yeah, I know, not the right type of glue but it is what I could find.

Like a cereal, enlarged to show detail!

Afterward we’ll sand, put on a light stain(Most likely the ubiquitous honey oak), and then polyurethane, and polyurethane, and you’re noticing a pattern? I think it’ll look pretty good… we might do tile in the kitchen, we’ll see.

And finally, this:

Nothing to do with the house but it sure is nice having working outlets to plug a fan into!
I’m sure they’ll be another update tomorrow. Peace y’all. -Ted

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  1. There must be a way to tile a wood based floor without it cracking. I’ll ask my boss as he trained for three years as a tile layer.

    Comment by Andy in Germany — June 24, 2010 @ 2:05 am

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