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I did… something. | July 16, 2010

Nothing quite like doing a considerable amount of work with little to no noticeable or appreciable result. Today, we first counter-sunk all the nails. Which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. It’s like numbering the shrimp at a Chinese buffet. It’s not fun, but it has to be done. Well, except you don’t really need to number shrimp.

Then the resulting holes were filled. I had this filler from some other project necessitating the filling of wood. But here’s the thing: the side that opens is not the top according to the label. That’s just annoying. The nerve of some major corporations!

And then we sanded.  Apparently flooring made from ripped 2×4’s isn’t quite as even as what some people call “real” flooring. I will offer a bit of advice. If you ever make flooring this way, keep the cut pieces in order. I.e., lay them down in the same order you cut them. The floor is never going to be perfectly flat, so the best you can hope for is no sharp raised edges. Your saw gate is always going to slide slightly, so if you keep them in order you’ll be left with a more easily sanded wave-pattern, rather than more height differentiation between the pieces.

Here’s the finished kitchen. I also got about 16″ worth of the living room done… in total this took roughly 4-5 hours of sanding. Tomorrow will be great.

I also went to the dump and found some nice bead and batten paneling. However, it is still in the car, it’s 9:44 at night, and I don’t happen to be in my yard. And therefore you won’t get a photo of that until tomorrow. To make up for this grievous lack of thoroughness on my part, here’s another photo I took today. Extra points for the first person, who isn’t my dad or Hyatt, to correctly identify the vehicle. Note: this is similar to Whose Line; most of this is made up and the points certainly don’t matter.

More tomorrow. And to you all I say good day!

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    I was confused by the panelling on the side of the bed as I’ve not seen that on a Land Rover before but it seems the FC ones have it. The FC ones I’ve seen have been airfield fire trucks (can’t remember where, North Weald or Kemble, perhaps) so have a water tank there.

    Comment by Ed Davies — July 17, 2010 @ 8:00 am

    • Nicely done. Yeah, I saw it yesterday and pulled over to talk to him. I think I may have been the first person to know what it was; he said most people triumphantly declare it a Unimog.

      I’ve been trying to track down a Volvo C303 for some time now but those suckers are getting expensive!

      Well, your achievement has been duly noted on the front page.

      Comment by austinminiman — July 17, 2010 @ 9:59 am

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